Brian Daboll is red-hot, but is he the real deal?

If Bills offensive coordinator Brian Daboll is your guy, is it the Brian Daboll who turned Josh Allen into a star? Or the Brian Daboll who struck out with Chad Pennington and Brady Quinn and coaxed a really mediocre year out of Brett Favre?

Even people who hire coaches for a living don’t always know, which is one big reason why there have been 35 coaching changes in the NFL over the past five seasons — an average of more than one per team. It’s why the Packers’ Matt LaFleur is already 12th on the coaching seniority list after just his third season.

Daboll’s ascent to the top of some candidate lists is one of the biggest cliches of coaching searches — the hot coordinator. In this case, Daboll is red-hot after the Bills’ record-setting offensive performance in a 47-17 rout of the Patriots that advanced the Bills to Sunday’s divisional round game against the Chiefs at Arrowhead Stadium.

The Bills scored a touchdown on their first seven drives – before taking a knee on their eighth and final drive of the game. And they did it against a Patriots defense that ranked second in points allowed and fourth in yards this season.

And they did it to the NFL’s pied piper, Bill Belichick. Anything Belichick does well is emulated by other NFL coaches. And anything that works against Belichick is revered — that’s why the Wildcat offense is still…

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