Braves News: All is quiet on the lockout front, Baseball America’s Top 100 list and more

A quiet winter for Major League Baseball continued Wednesday and while prospect list season is a welcome distraction, it is the status of the sport that should be front and center. There wasn’t an update on the lockout Wednesday and there hasn’t been one since the two sides met last week with reported minimal progress. Last week’s meeting was the first in 40+ days in which the core economic issues were discussed. Quite simple, the sense urgency isn’t there yet to get a deal done.

As The Athletic’s Ken Rosenthal wrote Wednesday, it is inexcusable for the sport to lose games in a labor dispute. There is simply too much at stake for both sides. Unfortunately, neither side appears to share that sentiment.

We have done a good job of sugar coating the situation over the last 12 months but the fact is that neither the league or the union has shown that they are capable of making a deal. You need look no further than the pandemic shortened 2020 season as an example where the commissioner implemented a 60-game regular season. There are just too many differences and too many hard feelings.

Unfortunately, this situation needs a sense of urgency that only the loss of games can provide. I am not sure spring training games count either. Everyday this goes on though is more damage for the sport. If only either side truly cared about that.

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