Brandon Ingram’s growth on display in Pelicans’ dominant third quarter against Knicks

Thursday’s game between the New Orleans Pelicans and New York Knicks was close for a half, but in the third quarter, one of the NBA’s worst road teams beat up on the hometown team so bad, the boo birds started.

With 5:50 remaining in the third, Devonte’ Graham hit a straightaway 3. The shot put the Pelicans ahead by 17 points. That prompted the Knicks to take a timeout and their fans to express their displeasure.

“It was really like 6 on 5 out there honestly,” Pelicans wing Josh Hart said of the Knicks fans’ booing.

New Orleans outscored New York 35-15 in the third quarter. It was able to turn a four-point halftime lead into a 24-point advantage headed into the fourth quarter.

During that 12-minute stretch, the Pelicans ran their offense through forward Brandon Ingram. Operating in the middle of the floor, Ingram picked apart the Knicks with surgical passing. He didn’t make a field goal in the third quarter but was nonetheless able to control the game.

“It was a prime example, honestly, of what we’ve been talking with B.I. in terms of his growth,” Hart said. “Taking what the defense gives him.”

On their first basket of the second half, the Pelicans ran a dribble hand-off involving Ingram and Jonas Valanciunas. Ingram dribbled to his right, and Valanciunas dived to the rim. The Knicks bunched up near the lane to stop them, so Ingram whipped a…

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