Boyd thankful for Kingdom Home progress

DETROIT — Tigers pitcher Matthew Boyd has a lot on his mind between a growing family — his wife Ashley gave birth to twins last month — and his rehab from elbow surgery. But as he and his family sit down for Thanksgiving, he has plenty to be thankful for, not just at home but on the other side of the world.

While Boyd was working to rebuild his arm strength from surgery, Kingdom Home — the foundation he and his wife founded three years ago to combat child trafficking in Uganda — completed construction of three homes on land they purchased.

Boyd announced the news in October through his Twitter account.

It’s a massive step in their effort to protect kids. It’s also beyond the wildest dreams Boyd had when he and Ashley were inspired to help a house mother and a group of kids in need.

“It was so amazing,” he said this week. “I remember in 2018, when Ashley and I took this step. It was a dream to buy land, and it was a dream to buy permanent homes that would be debt-free, sustainable, that would help generations of kids. And it happened.”

 The Kingdom Home nonprofit has been a calling for the Boyds for the last few years. It began with a helping hand to a widow who had rescued three dozen children from forced marriages, prostitution rings and other harrowing situations in Uganda. The…

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