Boston is no longer Title Town as Los Angeles and Tampa threaten for best sports city in America

Bask in your teams’ former glory for a few more days, Boston sports fans.

The reign is nearly over.

As soon as Tuesday, either Los Angeles or Tampa will become the first city since Boston to hold titles in both MLB and another major sports league. The Lakers are NBA champions, the Lightning hold the Stanley Cup and either the Rays or Dodgers will hoist the Commissioner’s Trophy early this week.

How’s this for a double-dose of sting: either the best Red Sox player in a decade, Mookie Betts, or the best Patriots player of all-time, Tom Brady, will be living in the new Title Town as Boston’s glory days fade into the history books.

Maybe it’d be overdramatic to say the glory days are over, but is anybody in New England feeling truly confident in another major title in the next one or two years?

The Red Sox are just more than a year removed from firing their win-now architect, Dave Dombrowski, and replacing him with Chaim Bloom, whose future-focus might pay dividends later, but has presently left Red Sox fans with their worst team since 1965 while spending their October watching Betts look like the best player on the planet, and doing it for the very team the Sox ran over in the World Series two years ago.

The Patriots have the “the worst group of skill players in the NFL, and you should probably put ‘skill players’…

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