Blocked field goal by Vikings’ Patrick Peterson shows ‘the old guy’s still got it’

Before the season, Vikings special-teams coordinator Matt Daniels said he considered taking veteran cornerback Patrick Peterson off the field-goal block team. Good thing he didn’t.

Peterson, 32, blocked a field-goal attempt in the third quarter of Monday’s 24-7 loss at Philadelphia. Most impressive was how Peterson did it, flying in from the edge and slapping the ball it with his trailing hand.

“I was actually going to pull Patrick Peterson off of field-goal block,” Daniels admitted Thursday. “And he came to me and said ‘(Daniels), there’s no way.’ He’s like, ‘I’ve blocked three in my career, I still got it. I got good first-step burst still to come off the edge.’ ”

Peterson showed that when he took five steps and perfectly timed the block. He had been called for offsides earlier in the game on an extra-point attempt.

“I always love being in involved in special teams,” Peterson said. “It shows that your team has attitude, your team has grit. … So, yeah, the old guy’s still got it.”

Cornerback Kris Boyd returned the blocked kick 27 yards to the Eagles’ 30-yard line, but Kirk Cousins soon threw an interception and Minnesota failed to score. Daniels liked how Boyd scooped the ball up but not that he was tackled by punter and holder Arryn Siposs.

“He’s just got to run that thing to the sideline rather than keep it straight,” Daniels said.


Safety Harrison Smith didn’t…

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