Bill Belichick’s rebuttal to Tom Brady begins with Patriots’ 2021 season

Mr. Belichick, it is your turn for rebuttal. You have seven months beginnnnninggggg … now.

We’re at the dawn of the Patriots’ 2021 season. Bill Belichick speaks Tuesday. Training camp opens Wednesday. Fans can hang on the hills and singe their fannies on the metal bleachers surrounding the Patriots practice fields at Gillette Stadium once again.

The hop that went missing from the step of New England during Tom Brady’s End of Days is back. The angst that rode shotgun to success from the summer of 2017 until St. Patrick’s Day 2020 when Brady said he was moving on is mostly washed away.

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A fleet of well-compensated free agents are signed up. A bunch of opt-outs have returned. There’s a first-round quarterback who just might be a plug-and-play option. The team is out of cap jail. The “nobody believed in us” chip is in place on the collective shoulder.

Little Baby Dynasty 3.0 is gurgling happily and blinking up at the world. Now we’ll really see what Bill Belichick’s post-Brady Patriots are all about. Now, it will be a fair fight.

What happens next matters a lot.

The Patriots aren’t just some team trying to get right after dipping below .500 last year. They are historic. The greatest dynasty in NFL history which — for a 20-year stretch — had the combined services of the greatest coach and quarterback.

In 2099, when…

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