Best Podcast in Baseball: Did Cardinals do enough at deadline to ‘get hot’ or just warmer?

Against National League rivals that got better at the deadline, the Cardinals will need to have the best bullpen in Octobers, argues Hall of Fame baseball writer Rick Hummel. Did they do enough at the deadline to assure that? That’s the theme of a brand new Best Podcast in Baseball, featuring Hummel and his St. Louis Post-Dispatch colleague Derrick Goold, a baseball writer and host of BPIB. The Cardinals added two lefty starters at the deadline and a right-handed reliever. They did not make the huge splash of San Diego (Juan Soto, Josh Bell), the name-brand move of Philadelphia (Noan Syndergaard, David Robertson), or even the familiar savvy move of Atlanta Braves (Jake Odorizzi). What they did do is invite questions about a front office eager to expect the best from its roster, betting on it to maximize its ability and “get hot,” while being more conservative when it comes to helping. The Best Podcast in Baseball, sponsored by Closets by Design of St. Louis, is a production of the St. Louis Post-Dispatch,, and Derrick Goold.

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