Best Mariners to wear each uniform number

SEATTLE — Some numbers are iconic. It’s not hard to remember which Mariners wore 11 or 24, the two jerseys that hang on the center-field façade at T-Mobile Park as the lone numbers retired in franchise history.

But just who is the best player to wear every uniform number? Well, that’s a little tougher. So here’s our list of the best to don each digit for the Mariners:

00: Jeffrey Leonard (1989-90): HacMan is one of just two players to wear either 0 or 00 for Seattle, and he closed out his 14-year MLB career with two seasons for the Mariners, including an All-Star campaign in ’89.

1: Kyle Lewis (2020): There have been 21 players to wear numero uno for Seattle, but none did it better than the American League Rookie of the Year this past season.

2: Jean Segura (2017-18): Segura spent just two seasons in Seattle but made the most of them with an All-Star effort in his second year and a .302 combined batting average.

3: Alex Rodriguez (1994-2000): A-Rod spent seven seasons wearing this number for Seattle and earned four All-Star berths, four Silver Slugger Awards at shortstop and two Top-3 MVP finishes.

4: Harold Reynolds (1984, 1987-92): The current MLB Network analyst wore No. 4 for most of his 10 seasons with the Seattle, regaining the number in ‘87 and earning both his AL All-Star appearances and three Gold Glove awards in that uniform.…

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