Bengals, Rams Super Rematch In Taylor-Made Preseason Practice  

The two teams from the last Super Bowl practicing against each other in the next preseason may be a first when the Bengals host the Rams for two sessions before staging their preseason finale on Saturday night, Aug. 27 at Paul Brown Stadium.

But preseason practices against other teams may become more common for the Bengals under head coach Zac Taylor.

“It’s a controlled environment,” said Taylor, who has done it a handful of times as an NFL assistant. “And with your starters playing less and less in the preseason than probably ten years ago, it’s good to get good work against an opponent in practice.”

It’s the first time Taylor has brought in another team in his fourth preseason with the Bengals. He wanted to focus on his own roster in that first season of 2019, and COVID prevented him from planning on it for 2020 and 2021.

Now with head coach Sean McVay’s Rams on the preseason schedule, it made more than enough sense pairing the mirror programs with Taylor coaching against his good friend and boss in the last two seasons before he took over the Bengals.

“They were open to coming out here. Probably wouldn’t have done it the other way around,” Taylor said. “It’s a coach I trust and two teams I think will work well together. A lot of these teams get paired up as the season comes to a conclusion. We were two…

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