Bengals Offensive Line Embraces Pollack’s Player Approach

There are times you can tell the many moods of old-new Bengals offensive line coach Frank Pollack when he opens his teeming Pandora’s Box of music at the end of a long Xing and Oing day.

A little old school country now and then. (Marty Robbins’ El Paso.) Get a little Motown ’60s going. (The Temps.) Crank up some ’80s rock. (Maybe Guns N’ Roses.) You can also get some Sinatra crooning an offensive lineman’s “That’s Life.”

And the Eagles are always perched in the que for an adopted son of the desert.

“I like any song that references the great state of Arizona. There’s plenty out there,” Pollack says. “Standing on a corner in Winslow, Arizona. I’ve done that.”

But for the most part in this first week of training camp there has been a lid on Pandora. “I can’t remember really putting anything. I’ve been pretty focused on football.” Maybe a little “Taking Care of Business,” by Bachman-Turner Overdrive is the order for the day.

“BTO,” Pollack says. “I like it.”

Pollack’s mix matches what he’s got going on in the Bengals offensive line room, where the players swear by him and, maybe just as importantly, where his wall adjoins the office of head coach Zac Taylor.

Pollack, 53, an old school plug-and-play NFL guard sifted out of the 1990 sixth round and Northern Arizona, is making music with new age analytical offensive linemen like Jonah Williams, the Bengals’…

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