BenFred: Headed back to the ballpark? Don’t forget your common sense and decency


A security guard points as Brooklyn Nets’ Kyrie Irving, right with towel, and teammates look up at a fan who reportedly threw a water bottle at him as he left the court after Game 4 during an NBA basketball first-round playoff series, Sunday, May 30, 2021, in Boston. (AP Photo/Elise Amendola)

Elise Amendola

Ben Frederickson

In addition to being an expert on the behavior of sports fans, Daniel Wann is in fact a sports fan, just like us.

And depending on how the Kansas City Royals, Chicago Cubs or Murray State Racers are playing at the moment, he might even consider himself a tortured one.

Yes, it is true that one of Wann’s colleagues in the psychology department at Murray State once overheard him describing a Racers basketball game and suggested he start studying himself.

“I go to a sporting event, and after it I think, OK, what did I do tonight to embarrass myself?” Wann said.

It was Wann’s wondering about what made him so connected to his favorite teams that first nudged him down this path. Now he lectures Murray State students about the psychology of sports, holds a Ph.D., and is often referenced as one of the nation’s experts in sports fandom. That made Wann a good person to call, considering the uptick in examples of both bad and bizarre behavior by sports fans across the country as we rush out from beneath pandemic-caused restrictions and…

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