Bears’ Teven Jenkins upbeat as move to right tackle looks increasingly likely

One of the positives of changing general managers is that it eliminates any personal attachment to the roster. Ryan Poles has no impetus to make his predecessor’s moves look smart. He’s coldhearted in his evaluations, and that’s very necessary for a team that went 22-27 the last three seasons.

If Poles can salvage a head-scratching draft pick while reshaping the roster to fit his vision, great. That’s a bonus. If not, he can sweep it out as part of the rebuild.

That concept is especially relevant when it comes to second-year offensive tackle Teven Jenkins. Ryan Pace traded up to draft him No. 39 overall last season as the rest of the NFL seemed scared off — at least that early — by his history of back trouble and the fact that most of his playing experience was at right tackle.

But Pace was certain he’d be the Bears’ left tackle of the future.

At this point, however, Jenkins’ future is anything but clear. Poles sounds like he needs some convincing on Jenkins in general, and it’s uncertain whether he should be on the left or right side. For much of the offseason, fellow second-year man Larry Borom has been working at left tackle and Jenkins has beenat right.

Whereas Pace almost certainly would’ve insisted on making it work at left tackle to justify the pick, Poles doesn’t have to. He just wants to find a way to use him.…

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