Bears’ Ryan Pace will pick next QB after missing on Mitch Trubisky, others

Ryan Pace will get a fourth chance to fix a quarterback mess he inherited six years ago and has made worse at every turn since.

First it was Mike Glennon (four starts, $18.5 million). Then Mitch Trubisky (instead of Deshaun Watson and Patrick Mahomes). Then Nick Foles (statistically one of the worst starting quarterbacks in the NFL in 2020).

Now, armed with the 20th overall pick and, right now, the 13th-lowest amount of cap space, Pace is in line to acquire another starting quarterback.


And a win-now mandate – which surely will come with Pace and Matt Nagy keeping their jobs in 2021, per multiple reports – might be the worst thing for the direction this franchise takes the rest of this decade.

Because, more than anything else, it’s going to take hitting a home run at quarterback for Pace to keep his job.

But George McCaskey is seemingly asking Pace to swing for the fences with all the resources of a cracked wiffle ball bat. He can go out and get a better bat, but it’ll cost the Bears to even take that swing.

On the surface, it doesn’t look likely that Pace can go all-in on someone he thinks is a top-tier – or even mid-tier – starting quarterback in the NFL. Those players cost tens of millions of dollars or require a top-10 pick. The Bears have neither at their disposal.

Right now.

There is the…

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