Bears coach on Aaron Rodgers’ psychedelic trip: ‘Whatever it takes, I guess’

Luke Getsy — the Bears offensive coordinator who was first Aaron Rodgers’ position coach —joked that he had nothing to do with the Packers quarterback’s South American trips to use psychedelics.

“I was not invited on those trips,” Getsy, grinning, said after practice Friday. “I didn’t know all that stuff. I haven’t watched that yet but obviously i’ve been informed by a lot of people about that stuff. Whatever it takes, I guess.”

Getsy smiled when asked about Rodgers’ use of psychedelics. He said friends who heard about Rodgers’ experience had been asking him about it over the last day.

In a podcast released this week, Rodgers said that using the plant ayahuasca made him feel a “magical experience” that led to him loving himself more. It said it wasn’t coincidental that he put together back-to-back NFL MVP seasons after traveling to South America to use the plant.

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