Bears coach Matt Nagy is right about Justin Fields, and this makes me uncomfortable

It gives one pause when one finds oneself on the same page as Matt Nagy. The Bears head coach has made a number of odd/bad decisions the past few years, many of them having to do with the offense, so the instinct is to go in the opposite direction of whichever way he’s headed.

The page that Nagy and I have landed on says, in bold letters, that there is zero reason to have rookie Justin Fields as the Bears’ starting quarterback when the season opens Sept. 12. I took it a step further last month, declaring that Fields and the franchise would be better off if he spent the entire season learning as a backup to Andy Dalton. This has earned me a good amount of condemnation, and I have alternated between wearing a scarlet letter A (for Andy) and mourning clothes when in public, such is my shame and sadness.

I’m glad Nagy is being smart about this and not giving in to the raging public sentiment that Fields is the savior who will deliver the Bears from their long, painful quarterback poverty. When the team traded up to take the Ohio State star with the 11th pick overall in this year’s draft, fans and media reacted in a way that suggested an armored truck had spilled its contents in front of them.

Believe me, I get it. Or at least I get some of it. The logic…

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