Ayton got used by the Suns

The Phoenix Suns and Deandre Ayton have failed to agree to a contract extension by the deadline.

They agreed for four-year deals with their two other extension-eligible players, Mikal Bridges ($90 million) and Landry Shamet ($43 million), but declined to offer Ayton the maximum-level extension ($172+ million) that his representatives requested and was widely seen in NBA circles as a ‘given’.

As much as I love Mikal Bridges, he was not nearly as impactful in the playoffs as Ayton was. And Shamet, as good as he looks in preseason, is a 4th guard who has already been traded three times in his three-year career and has not even played a game for the Suns yet.

Now Ayton will play out the 2021-22 season on a one-year deal and become a restricted free agent next summer, free to solicit offers from other teams. The Suns can also continue their own contract negotiations with Ayton at that time as well.

What the Suns want

For the Suns, from a financial prudence perspective, the less they pay Ayton to stay in Phoenix the better. They have already committed max money to Devin Booker, close to max for Chris Paul, hefty dollars to Mikal Bridges and looking at a hefty rookie extension to Cameron Johnson next year too. Any dollar saved on a max or near-max Ayton deal would be $2-3 dollars saved in the ol’ pocket book for Suns ownership.

There are also…

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