ASK IRA: Is there cap math for Heat to wind up with Lowry and Oladipo?

A: Because to re-sign Victor Oladipo to anything beyond the veteran minimum or the $4.9 million “room” exception (for teams utilizing salary-cap space) the Heat would have to retain Victor’s $31.5 million cap hold (or replace it with a new deal). And once that cap hold is retained (or a high cap number is subbed in), there is not cap space for Kyle Lowry or any other free agent as a straight-up cap-space signing. So if the Heat plan to sign any major free agent into cap space, then the Heat’s 2021-22 Bird Rights for Victor have to be relinquished. So, to answer your question, there are two ways to have both Victor Oladipo and Kyle Lowry (should Kyle so choose) on the Heat 2021-22 roster: 1. If Lowry signs for the Heat’s maximized cap space and Oladipo takes either the veteran minimum or “room” exception. 2. If Lowry is obtained in a sign-and-trade, in which case Victor’s cap hold is not an issue, as the Heat would be operating above the salary cap. Hope that helps more than confuses.

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