ASK IRA: Is Heat timing off for a potential Bradley Beal deal?

A: And yet the timing of the latest round of conjecture could not be worse for Pat Riley and the Heat. If Bradley Beal, as has been speculated, seriously is considering pushing for a trade from the Wizards in conjunction with Thursday’s NBA draft, then the process could leave the Heat in its wake. For the Heat to have any legitimate shot at Beal, especially in the absence of first-round picks to put into play, it could involve including Duncan Robinson and/or Kendrick Nunn in sign-and-trade maneuvers. However, there is no legal way to even broach that possibility until the Aug. 2 start of NBA free agency. At the moment, the Heat cannot offer Robinson or Nunn to anyone. Last offseason, in a similar situation, the Bucks appeared to have secured Bogdan Bogdanovic from the Kings in a deal prearranged ahead of free agency. Then the NBA caught wind. Then the Bucks were penalized. And then Bogdanovic wound up signing with the Hawks. So while the Heat, of course, would be interested in a Beal trade, they would be most interested if it happened at a slightly later date.

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