ASK IRA: Do Heat need to go to greater heights with summer roster?

A: While it certainly is a wing-dominant, somewhat-small haul of undrafted players brought in by Adam Simon and his Heat scouting staff, you can’t necessarily be positionally particular when combing amongst the leftovers. Plus, summer league is more about individual scrutiny than developing a cohesive, winning system. In fact, what long has been a bane of Heat summer play has been the lack of playmakers to get the Heat into offense. The Heat would appear to at least have that covered with this haul. But this arguably is about targeting a select number of players on the summer roster to groom their games. The rest is just having available options to stock the G League affiliate, with the Sioux Falls Skyforce back in action. Ultimately, it is as much about scouting the talent on all 30 summer-league teams as your own, with the overwhelming majority available to any team willing to write a check. The Heat have both been poached and been poachers during summer league. So expect the summer roster to be fluid.

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