As always, practice is perfect for Mitch Trubisky, this time in Buffalo

My firm intention was to let Mitch Trubisky get on with his new life in Buffalo. A fresh start for him. A new beginning for me, finally free of the maddening disparity between what Bears coaches and teammates said about him and what I saw from him.

But now the Bills are gushing about Trubisky’s performance in early practices, and I can see that my work isn’t done. Faithful Bears observers will recall that when Mitch was playing quarterback for their team, he was the greatest practice player in the history of practice. We knew this because Bears coach Matt Nagy would gush about the kid’s midweek performances in ways that would make an egomaniac blush. The accuracy! The arm strength! The feel for the game!

Then Sunday would arrive, and Trubisky was a different man, deeply affected by defenders playing at full speed, not Halas Hall speed. At postgame press conferences, Nagy would look genuinely surprised that the man who had looked like Tom Brady in practice had morphed into Tom Thumbs, plural, when it counted. All of it, the entire exhausting saga, finally led to the Bears’ letting Trubisky walk after last season.

Fine. Good. It was best for everyone involved. But there’s this thing called the Internet and there are beings called humans, and when combined, you end up reading that Buffalo offensive coordinator Brian Daboll thinks Trubisky has been excellent in the Bills’ quarterbacks meeting room…

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