Arizona Cardinals, Phoenix Suns racing to break title droughts

The Cardinals are the best team in the NFL. The Suns have won 13 consecutive regular season games. Lit City is coming to life.

Who gets to a championship first?

Pick one. Call your shot.

Both are sentimental favorites. When the Cubs finally won a World Series in 2016, the Cardinals inherited the throne of shame. They now own the longest major professional drought of any North American sports franchise. They haven’t won a title since 1947, approximately the last time they changed their uniforms.

The Suns are the Valley’s first love. Al McCoy is a legend. The Gorilla is an icon. The franchise has more than its share of stitches and scar tissue, suffering horrific heartbreaks along the way.

The Suns have gone 53 years without a title, which seems significantly less than the Cardinals’ winless streak of 74 years. But the Suns were also here 20 years before the NFL arrived in Phoenix, and 55% of the Cardinals’ streak occurred elsewhere.

The Cardinals have an easier path. If they retain and secure the NFC’s No. 1 seed, they need to win just two home games to reach the Super Bowl in nearby Los Angeles.

They will possess the fastest lane to a championship in any major sport.

The Suns need to win 16 games, navigating a marathon grind of playoff series in the arduous Western Conference.

The Suns have a big advantage in experience. They return almost every…

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