Arizona Cardinals at Los Angeles Rams watch party, open thread

Wild Card weekend ends with what was likely the most-anticipated matchup of the NFL Playoff’s first round. Divisional matchups are always a joy to watch in the postseason, but for Detroit Lions fans, this one has some extra intrigue.

The Los Angeles Rams, led by quarterback Matthew Stafford in his first year since leaving Detroit, take on the Arizona Cardinals. All season, these two teams went toe-to-toe for the NFC West title, and the Rams eventually came out on top. The last time the two teams met, the Rams walked away with a division-shifting win in Arizona. But earlier in the year, Kyler Murray and the Cardinals took down the Rams on LA’s home turf.

There’s been an ongoing debate all day in Detroit. Do you root for the former Lions quarterback, who may have never won a playoff game here, but devoted 12 hard-working years to give this franchise meaningful games and, at times, stellare quarterback play? Or do you root for the Cardinals, knowing that an Arizona win would give the Lions’ the 23rd overall pick in the 2022 NFL Draft—whereas if the Rams win, that pick will drop to at least 25, perhaps way lower.

The split is pretty close to 50/50, although it appears there are more people in Stafford’s corner, according to our very unscientific internet poll from Monday morning.

The real answer is you should do whatever you want. If you like Stafford enough…

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