Arenado and Co. are scrubbed from the Cardinals website: an empty gesture and a sign of the times


Sports columnist Ben Frederickson and Jeff Gordon discuss baseball’s shuttering and what the Cardinals have left to accomplish when business resumes.

Q: From the plethora of players contracts signed this past month alone will it be too bold to predict that a prolonged strike including most any regular season games likely being cancelled in 2022 is remote at best?

A: This is not a strike by the players, it is a lockout by the owners. The owners will feel economic pain before the players do, since teams will lose advance ticket sales, season ticket renewals and exhibition game revenue. Given that, I expect this thing to get settled some time in March — just in time to prepare for the real games.

Q: I realize that in the overall realm of the CBA negotiations and the lockout – this isn’t a big deal. But MLB and its teams scrubbing players from their websites is ridiculously petty. Yet – even though you can’t see a picture of Nolan Arenado on the website – you can certainly fork out $135 for an Arenado jersey.

A: Yeah, the website scrubbing just makes the owners look stupid. What an empty gesture. We all know they are going to go right back out and market the heck out of these guys once the contract is settles.

Q: Jeff, the only thing that will kick start the baseball negotiations is the calendar meaning no serious…

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