Are sports chats the new Open Line? Plus a memory with Gordo, Rammer and the King


Hello, am I on the air? We take questions from St. Louis sports fans in our weekly chat. Here are the highlights.

Kevin Slaten, Jeff Gordon and Bob Ramsey, circa the 1980s. Post-Dispatch file photos.

Q: Reading these chats reminds me of the old sports open line shows on KMOX. The same people called and complained about the same stuff. Seems the same thing happens in the chats. Does it ever get tiresome answering some of these questions over and over? Some days, I feel like I am reading another Dan Caesar column on the changes at an all-sports station that maybe 25 or 30 people listen to.

A: Some people try to sway me with the same argument over and over and over. I am not easily swayed, even when I am clearly wrong.

As for Dan’s column, it gets good numbers. People do read about all-sports radio. I loved the KASP reference today with the Bob Ramsey update. The All Sheer Panic Station caused quite a stir when it got rolling. I remember getting mad at Rammer because he was program director and Kevin Slaten was picking on me. How about that!

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Of course, I immediately felt stupid (a common problem) an Bob forgave my outburst over The King.

Q: Had to get a kick out someone mentioning that Berenson or Unger should be next to get their numbers retired. They wore the…

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