Anthony Edwards takes accountability after latest Timberwolves’ loss

Anthony Edwards was not good in the Timberwolves’ 110-105 loss in Brooklyn on Friday.

The second-year standout committed eight turnovers. Many of them were “just loose and kind of sloppy,” Minnesota coach Chris Finch said.

A couple of those, Edwards noted, he dribbled off his foot. Another time he missed Malik Beasley on a cut. Then there was one that involved miscommunication with Naz Reid on a play Edwards said he never should’ve tried to make in the first place.

“Highly controllable,” Finch said. “It seemed like a balance of indecision at times and also out of control.”

That performance came after a loss Wednesday in Washington D.C. where Edwards wasn’t good on the defensive end.

“It was not the best road trip,” Finch said.

You don’t need to tell Edwards that. This might not be true for all 20-year-olds, but Edwards is certainly self-aware.

“I just played terrible,” Edwards said. “That’s the whole recipe to the entire game. I played terrible.”

Anthony Edwards held himself accountable after his 8-turnover performance in Friday’s loss in Brooklyn.

“I just played terrible. That’s the whole recipe to the entire game.”

“I’ve got to be better and, you know, I’m going to be better.”

— jace frederick (@JaceFrederick) December 4, 2021

There was more weight on Edwards’ shoulders Friday with Karl-Anthony Towns out with a bruised tailbone. Jaden McDaniels missed the game with illness.

Edwards himself battled flu-like symptoms earlier in the…

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