Angels are baseball’s most interesting team as showdown with Yankees looms

They have one player who led the league in triples, hit 46 homers and currently is striking out the third-highest percentage of hitters among major league starters.

They have a Thor, a Trout and a Squid.

They have released veteran stars in each of the past two seasons, eaten more than $50 million to do so and are much better for it.

They just might bet the Most Interesting Team in the World — and the Angels will be in The Bronx from Tuesday through Thursday.

“It’s a talented group,” Angels general manager Perry Minasian said. “And the makeup is really good. It’s a deep group with depth. We have gotten off to a decent start. But there are four months to go.”

Yes, there is a long way to go until October. So take the following sentence with the necessary grain or 10 of salt: If the season ended today, the Angels would be in the playoffs. Nevertheless, that is not inconsequential. Because among the qualities that make the Angels the Most Interesting Team in the World is that they are on the grandest quest in the game: to get Mike Trout back to the postseason.

The greatest player of his generation has been to the playoffs once. In 2014. Three games. Three losses. If you would like to know how long ago Trout appeared in a playoff game, it was nestled in the four-week span between Derek Jeter’s…

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