All deaths are sudden, but the 2021 Cubs’ demise is one for the record books

Is there a world record for the fastest time to go from mattering to not mattering? The Cubs have done it in a blink, and although the Guinness people might want something more accurate, something involving fractions of a second, what I can I say? By the time we had blinked once, a formerly competitive, interesting baseball team had relocated to a town called Nobody Cares.

The Cubs recently went through an 11-game losing streak. That’s not just one white flag being waved. That’s the equivalent of all the flags outside the United Nations headquarters turning white and flapping in the wind. Then the Cubs won a game – yay! That was followed by another loss – oh, you again — and all the talk about gaining some “momentum’’ heading into the All-Star break changed back into muttering.

Weren’t we just discussing how cool it was to have two good baseball teams in town?

Wasn’t the public conversation all about how Cubs ownership was going to have to fortify the roster before the trade deadline?

To paraphrase “Young Frankenstein” (and to connect with all my young readers out there), didn’t that hump used to be on the other side?

And here we are, looking for other diversions. Oh, sure, people will still go to Wrigley Field, because it’s beautiful, because it’s summer and because it beats working. Cubs fans tramp to Wrigley instinctively, in the same way no one has…

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