Alexander: Are Laker fans going to board Warriors’ bandwagon?

The world according to Jim:

• We were sure there would be little reason for Laker fans to pay attention to the NBA Finals. But there might indeed be a legitimate rooting interest. Should Boston advance to play the Golden State Warriors, in the series that begins next Thursday night in San Francisco’s Chase Center, Laker fans will be scrambling to hop on the Dubs’ bandwagon.

The reason, of course, is the fear of the faithful that the Celtics might break that 17-17 deadlock in NBA championships with the Lakers. Anyway, rooting against Boston is probably a good distraction from the current state of the franchise. …

• It’s not just L.A.-based fans, either. Leonard Pitts Jr., a political columnist for the Miami Herald, is a Laker fan and usually has little use for his own city’s team. The last couple of weeks he made an exception (and got called out by a co-worker).

Let’s go, HEAT!
Let’s go, HEAT!
Let’s go, HEAT!@OgleConnie

— Leonard Pitts, Jr. (@LeonardPittsJr1) May 15, 2022

And just like that, the Heat hater becomes a true fan. Welcome to the bandwagon!

— Connie Ogle (@OgleConnie) May 15, 2022

Glad to be here. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: I’m a fan of any team (excepting the Los Angeles Barber’s Implements) that stands between the Celtics and success.

— Leonard Pitts, Jr. (@LeonardPittsJr1) May 15, 2022

And you could…

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