Agent Scott Boras: Blue Jays are pursuing ‘group of players’ to bolster roster

TORONTO – Once a regular target for Scott Boras’ biting barbs, the Toronto Blue Jays are now drawing praise from arguably the sport’s most powerful agent for their aggressive posture in the marketplace.

Speaking during his annual media availability Tuesday, held this year via Zoom instead of a hotel lobby at the end of the winter meetings, Boras delivered his usual entertaining array of zingers, metaphors and analogies over the course of a 90-minute Q&A.

He praised Steve Cohen’s purchase of the New York Mets for giving the team “an ownership with big apples”; he said in signing catcher James McCann to a $40.6-million, four-year deal, they “didn’t let anyone else eat their lunch, they went out and got a Big Mac”; and that by hiring Jared Porter as their new general manager, they “didn’t go out and get the Hamburglar, they got themselves a Porterhouse.”

Client Jackie Bradley Jr. was described as the “PBJ of the major leagues – he’s sweet, smooth and spreads it all over and covers it well.” And Boras reacted to the Los Angeles Angels’ hiring of Perry Minasian by saying, “They have to solve the case of the lost playoffs, they’ve gone out and gotten their Perry Mason.”

Jabs at Major League Baseball included: a criticism over the length of the 2020 season; a critique on the foot-dragging around extending the universal designated hitter to next year; valid points about expanded rosters being necessary…

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