A year after fateful final day, Blue Jays clinch home field for wild-card series

BALTIMORE — On the morning of Oct. 3, 2021, Major League Baseball sent out a plan to bring order amid potential chaos. The possibility of a four-way tie, along with different combinations of three-way and two-way ties for the American League wild-card spots were in play ahead of Game 162, leaving a dizzying array of scenarios for the Toronto Blue Jays that fateful Sunday. A missive from the league laid it all out for everyone involved.

“There was a lot going on, we were trying to just take care of the game against Baltimore,” Blue Jays manager John Schneider recalled of that 12-4 win over the Orioles a year ago that put them in position to advance before victories by the Boston Red Sox and New York Yankees ultimately left them one measly game short. “You were trying to check things off the box as they went, inning by inning in our game, and then inning by inning after our game was over. So you went from being really excited to the exact opposite in about 40 minutes. A lot of moving parts for sure.”

Precisely one year later, the situation was much more straight-forward for the Blue Jays as they once again met the Orioles, this time at Camden Yards on a miserably cold and rainy Monday night. Their wild-card berth already clinched this time, a 5-1, rain-shortened win over Baltimore combined with a Seattle Mariners loss three hours…

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