A Tale of Two Erics

With soft hands and razor-sharp instincts, the Minnesota Vikings’ starting linebackers are intercepting passes left and right.

Their pace is so remarkable they find themselves in the same historical conversation as Clancy Osborne and Rip Hawkins, Roy Winston and Lonnie Warwick, David Howard and Jesse Solomon.

Wait, who?

That’s the club in which Eric Kendricks and Eric Wilson find themselves: Vikings linebacker duos with three or more interceptions in the same season. Osborne and Hawkins accomplished it in 1961, Winston and Warwick in 1969, Howard and Solomon in 1988.

“I think it’s amazing that we both have that many picks,” Wilson said. “Great plays for not only our defense but our team. It makes a big difference.”

Kendricks was the latest to add to his total with a pick of Teddy Bridgewater in Minnesota’s win last Sunday. On each of his interceptions this year, he’s been standing inside the Vikings’ 20-yard line, foiling red zone possessions with his unmistakable presence in the middle of the field. Elite cornerbacks are known for locking down one sideline, but Kendricks is planting his flag between the hashmarks.

“That’s major,” said Wilson of his teammate. “When you get a stop on defense that takes points off the board for them and gives our offense an opportunity to flip the score. It’s great to do that and contribute. Turnovers are big.”

Wilson has done the same. Two of his interceptions have come in the red…

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