A Season to Remember | All the 2020 ‘In the Current’ Episodes in One Place

In a world where all episodes of your favorite show come out at once, the Buccaneers’ behind-the-scenes ‘In the Current’ series has been a slow burn, releasing episodes week by week over the summer.

It all leads to this.

Wednesday night, the final episode of this year’s In the Current aired, making the collection complete. So, for all you bingers out there, now is your chance. You can re-live the glory of the Bucs’ historic 2020 season in one sitting with all six episodes on Tampa Bay’s YouTube.

I’ve now even taken the liberty of putting them all here for you to make it extra easy.

Whether it’s your first time seeing these episodes, or the 10th time, watching the complete series all at once is undeniably special. And now you have the ability to do so.

See below:

Episode 1: History Begins

Covering the first four games of the season, the Bucs are a super team that has been thrown together in the most unorthodox circumstances amid a global pandemic. Plus, outside linebacker Shaq Barrett returns home as the Bucs take on the Broncos in Week Three.

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