49ers overreactions: George Kittle’s lack of production cause for concern?

Jimmy Garoppolo.


We got that out of the way.

No 49ers Overreaction piece would be complete without some mention of Garoppolo, who rebounded Monday night with a solid performance in the 49ers’ crucial 24-9 victory over the Los Angeles Rams.

Garoppolo was steady, Deebo Samuel was, well, Deebo Samuel, and the 49ers’ defense was stellar in holding the Rams without a touchdown for the first time in the Matthew Stafford era.

So for this edition of 49ers Overreactions, we’ll press pause on any Garoppolo talk and focus on some other areas of the team.

Kittle is great at blocking but his usage in the passing game is very disappointing

— Hien Pham (@HienPhamm) October 4, 2022

Overreaction? No.

Instead of saying Kittle’s “usage” is disappointing, probably the better way to word it is that his “production” has not approached expectations.

In two games, Kittle has been targeted nine times. He has six receptions for 52 yards.

He could have had a touchdown at the start of the fourth quarter but he failed to get both feet inbounds at the back of the end zone.

I have a difficult time classifying it as a bad game for Kittle, however, because he provided two huge blocks on the two plays that went for long offensive touchdowns.

Kittle is no longer a top receiving threat among NFL tight ends … or, at least, he has not been for a while.

In his…

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