2022 Orlando Magic Time To Step Up: Chuma Okeke’s spot-up shooting

Chuma Okeke has a lot going for him.

He is extremely well-liked in the locker room. He grades and stats out as a fantastic defender And he has the potential to be a great 3-point shooter. He has all the skills and the potential to be the perfect 3-and-D of the modern era.

Like so many things with the Orlando Magic, shooting is such a necessary skill and one the Magic are lacking at the moment. And so Okeke is as important as any other player as a potential floor spacer and shooter.

Chuma Okeke is one of the best shooters on the Orlando Magic. But his percentages dropped as he became almost exclusively an outside shooter last year. It is a place he needs to recover.

His rookie season showed him capable of being a solid 3-point shooter. But his second year, saw him come crashing back to earth.

A mixture of early season injuries and a role change within Jamahl Mosley’s more read-based system threw Okeke off. His usage changed as he became almost exclusively a 3-point shooter.

It did not work well for Okeke. And while he still had some strong games, he struggled overall.

Still, his best potential skill is the one the Magic need most. They need his shooting. And so the biggest key and the biggest area Okeke has to step up this coming season is his spot-up shooting. In the end, this is…

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