2021 NFL Mock Draft: Cincinnati Bengals Select OT Penei Sewell at No. 5

With the 5th pick of the 2021 DBN Community NFL Mock Draft, the Cincinnati Bengals select…

Penei Sewell, OT, Oregon

The selection and write-up were made by GrandAdmiralThrawn0905:

The Bengals are siting at five and is generally viewed as the first or second team to pick the first non QB player. This draft offers the Bengals some interesting options. Naturally, a team picking so high is the result of the season not going well. In the Bengals case it was a combination of picking first overall the year prior and having that same player that went number one overall getting a season ending injury. What brings this to the extra level of pain is the Bengals fanbase had dealt with a similar story before. Carson Palmer was also a number one overall pick and had numerous injuries that dealt the Bengals that limited the success of the franchise in key moments. Recently we also saw a generational quarterback prospect Andrew Luck whose career was cut short by injuries and having to retire early.

The main goal for Cincinnati entering the offseason was to significantly upgrade the offensive line and make sure what happened to Joe Burrow in 2020 the season-ending injury never occurs again. Burrow was hit more than any quarterback in the league before he was injured, and he was sacked 32 times in 10 games. Upgrading his protection was a clear priority, and they made a move…

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