2021 Cousins vs. 2009 Favre: Same numbers, different results

Kirk Cousins playing in the Vikings’ meaningless 17th game — and enjoying a productive second half against the please-let-us-go-home Bears — didn’t amount to much of anything in the grand scheme of things.

But it did allow him one more chance to put up some numbers — and to arrive at some season totals that looked very familiar upon closer inspection.

Final numbers for Cousins for the Vikings in 2021: 16 starts, 66.3% completion rate, 4,221 yards, 33 TD passes, 7 INTs, 8-8 record.

And by comparison …

Final numbers for Brett Favre for the Vikings in 2009: 16 starts, 68.4% completion rate, 4,202 yards, 33 TD passes, 7 INTs, 12-4 record.

Identical starts, touchdowns and interceptions. Nearly identical yards. Similar completion percentages. One season is revered, the other the subject of much division — something I talked about on Thursday’s Daily Delivery podcast.

Was Favre’s version four wins better than Cousins’ version? What sort of advanced stats and other forces help explain the answer to that question? I asked you that on Twitter, and you definitely delivered.

Some factors at play as we examine the two seasons:

*Inflation of passing game. While passing numbers were starting to explode 12 years ago, the NFL is even more of a passing league now. So Favre’s numbers in 2009 mean a little more than Cousins’ numbers in 2021.

I mean there’s a reason why 33 tds in 09 rank 2nd…

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