2020 Vikings Position Recap: Running Backs

“It means a lot to me. A guy that has done it before me and was in the same shoes I was in, just a few years ago. It means a lot. When I got drafted, I really didn’t know what I was getting myself into. I thought I was going to be a guy that just came in and played behind Adrian. But they drafted me to come play right away, and I had to be ready. I was just a kid; I didn’t know. Just to be playing on the field with Adrian, it’s always a blessing for me to soak that up, every time.

– Cook after a 200-yard outing against Adrian Peterson and the Lions

“Yeah, man. That’s my guy. … He is his own self-critic of everything, and just him going out there blocking every week, I don’t think you see guys do that. He loves it every week. He lives for it every week. And every chance he gets he tells me how much of a special player I am. That’s one of my closest friends nowadays. C.J., that’s my guy, and I’ve just got to make sure he’s all right because [he gives] it everything he’s got, so he’s been doing a hell of a job for us.”

– Cook on the impact of Ham as a blocker

“I’ll leave the rankings [of RB duos] up to the professionals and the fans out…

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