12 Questions with P Cameron Johnston | Drew’s Dozen

5) DD: That’s really exciting. How does that all come about, though? How do you guys decide, hey, I’m going to do that?
Johnston: We’ve been speaking about it for a while. We want to find a way to help out the rescues. All the rescues do an amazing job with helping the animals. (Johston gets cold water poured down his back by kicker Ka’imi Fairbairn) OY! That’s cold.

6) DD: That Ka’imi Fairbairn’s a prankster, isn’t he?
Johnston: He sure is.

7) DD: What’s it like holding for him?
Johnston: It’s been great working with him. He’s an ultimate pro. He’s an amazing kicker. He went 8-for-8 today. Just trying to learn as much from him as well.

8) DD: Why did you choose Houston? What made you want to come here?
Johnston: I was just talking to Coach (Frank) Ross. It was amazing talking to him, his philosophy behind punt and what he wanted to do down here. I couldn’t wait to get down here. The speed we have on the outside and and the coverage guys in the middle. It’s pretty impressive. Once I saw the names of the guys who are going to be running down and blocking for me, I was like, ‘Yeah, I can’t wait to get down here.’.

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