12 Questions with DL Derek Rivers | Drew’s Dozen

1) DD: Is North Carolina barbecue better than other barbecues?
Rivers: Oh, they are different. But I’m a big Carolina fan. I like that vinegar base. That’s how I like my barbecue.

2) DD: (Points to a toddler running around Rivers) You got a little guy here helping you out. Is this your intern?
Rivers: Yeah. This is my guy. He keeps me on my toes. Makes sure I’m saying all the right things.

3) DD: Not bad. How old is he?
Rivers: Two. 

4) DD: I saw you working after practice with defensive lineman Maliek Collins. You’re not one of the only guys that’s worked with him. What are you doing afterwards when you’re doing stuff like that?
Rivers: Oh, man. Just getting better. Trying to learn your teammates a lot of times. Obviously is a lot about technique, but honestly, when you know your guys and know how they play, you play much better as a D-line. So obviously me and Maliek are trying to get that teamwork, trying to get that eye-to-eye to the point where we don’t even have to say anything, we just know how each other plays. You’re just in unity.

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