10 potential candidates to be next permanent head coach of Blackhawks

Blackhawks GM Kyle Davidson is going to be a busy man this offseason as he embarks on a longer-term rebuild, and one of the top priorities will be finding a permanent head coach.

A few items that helped us come up with our list of potential candidates:

  • During the final Blackhawks Pregame Live show of the season on NBC Sports Chicago, Davidson said the Blackhawks aren’t looking for a short-term option behind the bench. He hopes the next coach will be part of both the developmental years and also when the team is ready to contend again.

    “We want someone that’s going to come in and grow with the team,” Davidson said. “We don’t want any stopgap options. We’re looking to bring someone in that’s going to come and be a part of this for a long time.”

  • Last week, Davidson said the Blackhawks have not begun putting together the candidate list yet, and are still building the profile of what they want the next head coach to be. The goal is to have a coach in place by July.

    “We want someone that’s going to come in and be a great communicator,” Davidson said, “hold players accountable for what message they’re driving and make sure his vision behind the bench is being executed on the ice and holding everyone accountable to that.”

  • Davidson mentioned multiple times in his end-of-season press conference that he wants the Blackhawks to…

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